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Easily reaches higher standards than At The Gates. - 100%

NightmareInc, July 30th, 2006

A Mind Confused play a very nice combination style of melodic death metal and thrash metal, with some melodic-blackened metal elements. It can be catchy, original, technical, progressive, atmospheric, and overall - good. It sounds amazingly similar to At The Gates, but very, very easily much better.

For one thing, melodic death metal usually isn't very atmospheric. With A Mind Confused, you get more than you ask for when it comes to atmosphere-inducatation. Almost every song has that one simple, yet so beautiful part. The guitar solos are very much similar to those in Agalloch, with that "dreamy" sub-style attatched to the likeness and similarities to said band. A Mind Confused is not quite as progressive as Agalloch, but are very much so as; or succeed in even higher standards when it comes to atmosphere-inductation. A death metal band exceeding a progressive folk/doom band in atmosphere inductation? Sounds impossible, but it surely isn't. Death metal isn't quite as known as other genres (black, folk, etc) for it's atmosphere. It's rather difficult to pull off. A Mind Confused get the job done, however.

Another great thing is that every song starts out as not quite metal just yet, and works it's way into it through progressive and technical sequences. If you sat down a fan of any style of music and turned up this demo, they would probably state emotions of enjoyment - at least for the beginnings of the songs. Majorly progressive, highly technical, thrashy, and kvlt underground; A Mind Confused deserve the money. I got this demo for just three USD. If I had listened to it before I bought it, I would have payed 20 USD for it. It's worth your time, and your money. Check it out.