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Pretty neat. - 95%

Justin_Bork, August 14th, 2005

About A Life Once Lost, they're hardly original in any sound they've done over the years, but the thing is, they are so spot on with their emulation of other bands, it's hard to rag on them for it. Their Latest sounds just as good as any Lamb of God album, 'A Great Artist' sounded like it could have been a side project from actual Meshuggah members, and their older stuff is easily some of the best Gothen-core in exsistance.

This EP, along with their debut album has all the leads of important 2nd-wave of Swedish Death Metal, with tasteful breakdowns. This EP in particular, sounds almost identical at times to the likes of Sacrilege, Ceremonial Oath, early Dark Tranquillity ect. Unlike scores of American core bands who try, A Life Once Lost totally nails the Sweden worship.

The Fourth Plague: Flies kicks out of the box with 'Chileab' which is total Skydancer era Death-Thrash with that awesome classic mid-90's Gothenburg riffage. If it weren't for the breakdowns, you could tell someone this EP was made by a defunct Swedish band, and they wouldn't think twice about it. It's Swedish metal worship, but it's NOT a ripoff, it's far to good to be a ripoff.

So if you want some new stuff that sounds like old Swedish Gothenburg, this EP is your best bet. The production sounds totally from that era as well. And since it was just re-iussed this month, you can find it everywhere for a LOW price (I'm talking 6 bucks U.S here), definetly check this out. For future reference though, A Life Once Lost sounds COMPLETELY different from this nowadays, so don't expect this kind of thing on any upcoming releases of theirs.

Recomended Listening: Chileab, Our Second Home, Prepare Yourself.