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Scene kids Nu Groove - 77%

GoreBlaster1990, March 4th, 2009

After hearing "Hunter" by A Life Once Lost, I was curios to see what this album would be like. I had read that the album was gonna be different, with more influences added. You can certainly tell a difference between the two albums and I feel that this one is better. It takes A Life Once Lost out of the metallic moshcore crowd and places them into groove. That being said, not all Pantera fans will love this album, as A Life Once Lost tend to be a bit grating on the ears at first but most will warm to them eventually.

I think the main lyrical themes on here are hating and self-loathing. Just the guitars themselves provide a sense of loneliness and angst, while still being aggressive enough to keep your head banging and your fist pumping. These aren't the type of songs you wanna listen to if you're already depressed or if you have suicidal tendencies, that's for sure. This stuff is more like for when you're in a pissy mood and you are just mad at yourself for messing up or at someone else for messing up for you. It's the kind of music for those rainy days, where shit is just not working right. The grooves on the album are really good, and although they do at times create a sense of despair, they also provide for some interesting riffs. It's nice to see some good guitar work instead of the same ol' few regurgitated riffs followed by a breakdown. I mean there are guitar solos on this album that you couldn't pay a band like Devildriver to do.

The vocals on here are another good aspect of the album. The lead screamer yelps lyrics that are at times indecipherable, but overall it matches the music very well. It's like a dang cat clawing your face off! Definately NOT the thing that metal purists like. This is stuff that you gotta be ready for. I love this one song where he talks about planning his own suicide: definately sick. The drummer keeps up rather well with the vocalist and guitars. They all come together and make a wonderful display of angst. The downsides for the album are few but significant which is why I had to rate it a 77. You can't really just pick this album up everyday and enjoy it unless you're a grudge-holding moron who walks around pissed all the time. If you're like that you need a reality check. This album just isn't gonna work on a happy day, or if your life is complete and happy at the moment. It doesn't really feel right, & it may actually bring you down. So before picking up this album, be s! ure you have a reason for listening to it otherwise the replay value will be very small for you.

In closing let me say that this is a great album and certainly better then most metallic moshcore on the "scene" right now. But this isn't for everyone; and even if you like angry music you may still get tired of the album. The replay value is only gonna last as long as you have something to hate, or as long as you have self-guilt which you need to work through because staying mad all the time is senseless. This album is great for fans of Lamb of God, God Forbid, Pantera, Hell Yeah, etc... So pick it up and give these guys a listen!