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Feels too short.... - 90%

Justin_Bork, June 26th, 2005

A Life Once Lost's third album goes farther down the road they started with A Great Artist, and has a ton more interesting stuff. It's also not as boring. The problem with A Great Artist was by the end of the album, it became rather boring, whereas Hunter is strong all the way through.

Hunter has what you'd expect and a bit more. All the groove and rhythm filled riffs, as well as the disjointed time riffs are here, but it also has hooks and melodic solos. Where A Great Artist sounded like Meshuggah, Hunter sounds like a marraige between them and Lamb of God also. So think of the disjointed rhythm of Meshuggah with the groove of Lamb of God and you'll get Hunter.

The vocals on this album rule. Robert Meadows, while not suprassing Tomas Lindberg, definetly rivals him in the "vulture vocal" camp, meaning they both sound like their vocal chords have been pecked out by crows. Totally brutal. The production on this album is top rank too. All instruments are heard clearly and it's heavy.

On board here is an instrumental track "Salai" is sounds like it could have come straight off of Catch 33.

With Hunter, Ferret Music is promising "The Heaviest Album of the Summer", After hearing this, I certainly wouldn't disagree, but points are deducted because with it's short length, it could either have more songs or the existing ones could've been longer. The majority of these songs barley pass the 3 minute mark, time problems aside, this album has it all. Attitude, leads, riffs, rhythm, groove, solos ect. Go check it out!

Recomended Listening: Needleman, Vulture, Pain & Panic, A Rush & Siege.