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Technical, but without impact. - 48%

Alcohol, August 17th, 2007

This album's far too fucking groovy!

Mind you, I quite like it as a whole. The vocals are heavily distorted, but rather original considering the amount of bland metalcore vocals people throw around these days. He's got an original "condensed shouting" tone to his voice rather than an all out scream.

A fault is the fact that a lot of these riffs sound like something you'd hear on CSI during a chase scene. 2:04 of Needleman for example, sounds like something a band like Static-X would put out. Only briefly, but it's enough to throw me off. It's these kind of groovy, too thickly produced riffs that turn me off on this record. There's some nice grooves and a few nice tempo changes that are instrumentally impressive, but there's no riffs here that are fast, chaotic, and catchy. The guitarwork is simply not musical enough here, it's far too mathematical. Bands like this who use the one chord but use it in a rhythmical sense to create odd patterns aren't very metal, nor are they very good.

Overall, the album is (as I said) technical, but without impact. Nothing sticks with you. As you hear the songs, you might think they sound pretty cool. However they are not memorable nor are they melodic. They're just blocks of sound that's difficult to headbang to, and nothing more.