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Music For Titans - 100%

zhay777, February 4th, 2012

Hail to the majesty of hill, where we all will die (I mean the name of the band). This album once again proves that Christians can be brutal, and not only brutal, original too. There are many people who think that Christian metal is something awful, singing to God to help them and music is nothing but plagiarism. For people like this, I always have this band to advise them to listen.

I love the vocal. It sounds like throat is going to tear apart. Other bands work hours with microphone and their growl is 50% growl and 50% breath, so without electronic microphone they won't be able to sound well. But Adam's growl is 100% growl, which makes everything even more brutal.

Guitars here are very impressive. Their sound is very unique, which is typical for only this band. At the very fist track, 'Of Fire And Division' you will be able to hear some excellent riffs, along with basses they sound very groove and killer. Solos aren't in every song and where they are, they aren't very long, but solo express whole emotion of the song, for example, in the song 'This King Never Smiles'. Here solo is tragic a little, as the lyrics are. You will be impressed with drumming style. You will hear blast beats and many many drum fills, mainly made on snare and toms. Hi-hats are very rare, but everything is good on the way they are.

One I must say, if you like death metal, want to feel extreme, want to hear something quietly different than 95% of all death metal bands, try this album, you will not be disappointed.

New-era of Christian black metal. - 100%

DukeofUnblackMetal, October 22nd, 2009

Infinite Titanic Immortal was an album that I anticipated since I first heard the song "Prometheus Rebound" on A Hill to Die Upons myspace page. Now let me tell you, when I first heard this song, I was shocked, the band previously played sort of deathcore-ish style, and a few different styles before that, but what was now coming through my speakers was top-notch black metal(even though there are some minimal core influences on the CD, they shouldnt bother most people) blew my mind. This CD honestly did not disappoint me at all, it met all my expectations, and has earned a slot up there with legends such as Antestor and Crimson Moonlight.

The CD starts out with an instrumental track called Of Fire and Division, which kind of sets up for the next track Prometheus Rebound. Prometheus Rebound seems to be a favorite amongst many listeners, which is entirely understood, the musicianship in this song is phenomenal, and the opening vocals to the song have so much testosterone to them, it makes most other metal vocalists look like pansies.

After Prometheus Rebound we go into two more tracks, The King Never Smiles, and Season of the Starved Wolf, both of which are re-recorded from a demo that was released in the summer of 2008. On my first few listens to these songs, I sort of liked the original versions better, but after listening through and through again, I have come to finally love the new ones a lot better. They are a lot cleaner, and much better produced. These are two songs that I often find myself singing to on this CD, despite who im around and whats going on around me.

The overall musicianship on this CD is fantastic. The guitar tone is quite possibly one of my favorites that I have heard in a while, and the skill is clearly featured on most of the songs. The drums are fast, well executed, and have a fantastic sound to them as well. And as commented earlier the vocals are absolutely ridiculous, and some of my favorite that I have heard in a while. One thing to take note of, for fans of Antestor and Frosthardr, is that AHTDU now features Ravn on bass, who also played in both of those bands as well (although he did not play bass in Frosthardr).

To close this off, this is a must have for all fans of black metal. Everytime I listen to it, I find myself thinking of newer Immortal, even though that is not entirely accurate, I think there are people who may think the same. This has hands down gained best album of the year for me (out of the ones I have heard so far), and I will be keeping a close eye on the band, and hope they continue to put out quality tunes.

Favorite songs: The King Never Smiles, Season of the Starved Wolf, Heka Secundus (On Slithering ice), We Soulless Men, Eclipse of Serpents.