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strange Black/Death Metal Mix - 85%

peterott, March 11th, 2005

Obscure, Weird, Brutal, Strange, Finnish. I guess this sums it up quiet much. An obscure CD from this Finnish "all-star"-band. Weird in terms of the musical mix they perform:
While guitars and drums are playing a slower variant of Black Metal with some rare outbursts but totally memorable riffs, the vocals are much more Death Metal like. Not in the Demigod vein, more like newer Aeternus. And what it makes really brutal: there are a lot of industrial/horror sound samples as intros or inside the songs. And they fit perfectly. this gives a whole new approach to this band. Totally unique till date.
What is left ? Strange and Finnish. Ok, strange, because I never heard such a mixture. And never heard such a great instrumental intro-song. Wow, usually I skip intros as soon as they get boring, but this introsong grows more and more. Last but not least "Finnish". The Black Metal scene there seems one of the most productive ones, with a lot of quality stuff. This CD prooves it again.