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Holy fucking shit!!! This is really horrid - 29%

Gabometal86, February 23rd, 2005


In 1996, A.N.I.M.A.L started to become really popular here in Argentina and in the whole Latino American metal scene. They opened for Sepultura here in 1996 and toured with them, and the guys from the band forged friendship with max Cavalera and A.N.I.M.A.L started touring with Soulfly. Max Cavalera himself produced this album and Richard Kaplan was the sounding engineer.
This came out in January 1998 and marked a really change in the band’s musical direction, while in their first two albums A.N.I.M.A.L showed some half-thrash and modern influences. Their previous album (“El Nuevo Camino Del Hombre”) was straight Groove Metal. This one steps into the Nu-Metal territory, it really sounds like Sepultura’s “Roots” with some Soulfly thrown in.

There are many factors for which I dislike this album:
1) First, Martin Carrizo (a really good drummer) had left the band and Andrés Villanova replaced him. Villanova is just a half-assed drummer, but the point is that Martin Carrizo was indeed the best part of this band.
2) A.N.I.M.A.L started to fucking rap. Songs like “Familia (La Oportunidad)” and “Loco-Pro” prove it and even sound like fag mallcore shit.
3) The guitar and bass are way too distorted.
4) In some of the songs, the instruments are even sampled.
5) Some songs rely on down-tuned mediocre riffs, and end sounding like a third-rate Fear Factory.

There are still a couple of decent tunes like the fast-paced “Los Que Marcan El Camino”, which is really fast and brutal. “Latinoamerica” is kinda metalcore shit, but at least it doesn’t sound too much like Slipknot.

But mostly this album is full of groove-abusing, half-assed and mid-paced boring songs that can’t grab my attention for more than 15 seconds. “Milagro” has too much groove and hard-rhymed vocals, although the chorus is quite catchy. As I mentioned before “Familia” and “Loco-Pro” suck goat balls. “Poder Latino” sounds like a fucking retarded and angst-driven Nu-Metal but the minimal difference is that the lyrics about this one a kinda Brujeria things like LATIN POWER, instead of KoRn shit like “Daddy don’t beat me”. I can’t believe that when I was 12 years old I though 3 of the songs of the album were good. “Dejar De Ser” is another groove/mallcore crossover song that made me puke my breakfast over the carpet. Next is “Gracias Doy”. Do you want to be raped and devoured? Then sing this song when walking in the street and be sure that a guy with an Almafuerte t-shirt will pound your ass so hard that you’ll die. “Esclavo De Ilusion” was indeed in the band’s self-titled debut album and sucked and here it is even worse. Just a crappy motherfucking ballad. Then comes “Aliento Inocente” is another groove-abusing shit. At least the lyrics are about aborigines and not Slipknot shitty “Wait & Bleed” lyrics. Next come 4 cover songs in a row. “Camouflage” is just embarrassing. “Copkiller” is a nice fast-paced tune with some thrash metal hints, believe it or not. “Fuerza Para Aguantar” is the Spanish versión of the Ramones´ song called “Strength To Endure” and it is one of the highlights on this album. Finally comes a Leon Gieco cover, “Cinco Siglos Igual” which is kinda decent.

Just to round the idea, I will give you some more details about the recording of this album. You know there were some guest musicians: Jimmy DeGrasso, Christian Wolbers, Leon Gieco (which is a respectable old man) and the worst fucktard ever, Robert Trujillo.

Conclusion: This is probably the worst A.N.I.M.A.L album, but it is also the one that inaugurated the new era of this band.