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There is fun after midnight after all! - 95%

LordBones, April 26th, 2008

There is Fun After Midnight after all!!


When I was a young lad of 16 years old I bought this album when it came out and, boy, did I treasure this gem of ‘New Wave Of British Heavy Metal‘ (NWOBHM)! Unfortunately, some years ago I had to sell my whole record collection, which was a quit nice one. Beside the regular stuff like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest etc., I had also the more obscure material like picture discs, colored vinyl, weird shaped vinyl etc.

So when my luck turned around again, getting the internet and with the power of the credit card I am now trying to regain my record collection, albeit it will be in a diluted form.
Nevertheless, it is a joy to hear the old tunes again through the speakers!

When I started to get my collection again I was a bit surprised to see that there was a reissue of this album coupled with the two singles releases A II Z did before they disbanded.

Onward to the review!

First of all as you start this album you will hear that this is a live album, yes that’s correct a live one as a debut album! It is a bit unusable for a band to do so but in the history of music it is not unheard of. The sound quality is not the greatest but the saving grace of it is that it is a debut release and also you have to consider the time when this came out.

The band plays a great show and you can hear that the crowd is enjoying it. It starts of with ‘No Fun After Midnight’ which is a nice corker! Then it moves to ‘Lay Down’, ‘Walking The Distance’ unto the great piece called ‘Glastonbury Massacre’ which is a instrumental. Here you can hear that the band is working together! Guitar playing is great. Great solo. Nice one! Then we move on to ‘Danger UXB’ and then to the namesake of the album. Both are great songs! After this we come to my 2 favorites of mine (it doesn’t have to be yours) ‘Last Stand’ and ‘The Romp’. The latter one is a great play along with the audience. The regular track list ends with ‘The King Is Dead’ which is a nice ending.

Now we come to the bonus tracks of the reissue. It consists of the only two singles they released after their debut. The first one is the ‘No Fun After Midnight’ 12” version (which I had as a red see through vinyl). ‘No Fun..’ is a bit of a downer after you have heard the live one but still is a competent song. Now we go to the two other ones of the 12”. ‘Treason’ is a kick ass great song. I love this one! And ‘Valhalla Force’ is another nice one. The second single is a downer. It is commercial sounding as they tried to survive as a band. Alas it didn’t work for them. Or thank god for us. If A II Z was successful in this way then we have lost a great band and also their debut would be totally forgotten.

Thus this concludes the whole discography of A II Z . The conclusion is that this album (certainly the reissue) is well worth to acquire, no let me rephrase it. It is an essential buy for anyone who loves Metal and certainly for those who want to get into NWOBHM. Despite the last two tracks which I think is still essential for the issue to make it complete.

Highlights: No Fun After Midnight (live), Glastonbury Massacre, The Last Stand, The Romp, Treason, Valhalla Force.

Have fun buying this one!!