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A journey through LLN Vol. I - 88%

hailmarduk666, September 30th, 2009

This is the beginning of my continuing journey through LLN, the Les Legions Noire. It has been a group of people that interested me greatly once I delved deeper into the underground movements of the black metal scene. I have always wondered what types of people made up the underground group, that made such obscure, low-fi black metal/dark ambient.

I have decided to work my way along the LLN bands alphabetically, reviewing the albums that I have downloaded off various blogs where people have accumulated the material. This is a very great undertaking for me, and I know it will take a while, but I feel that it will be well worth it. Not only will this task allow me the ability to refine my reviewing skills, but also to give me the great opportunity to peruse the majority of what LLN has to offer it's listeners and pass that on to those who wish to read the reviews.

Dans la Foret is my first leg of this journey. I am faced with a relatively short album labeled as dark ambient, but is much different from the dark ambient I have encountered in the past. Here we have some very dark guitar work, with no beats, and very little vocal work. All 8 tracks are untitled, and it is very fitting, because I am unable to make a determination as to what they may have been called, personally. AK has some very nice guitar dueling, and is quite adept; much to my surprise.

The production is quite good, but there is very little that actually has to be recorded. Each song only has 2 guitars, and there are very fleeting moments of screams, with no discernable vocals. The tracks themselves all run together, with only a momentary break of the track fading into the next. Each track has basically the same beat, but it is difficult to judge because there are no references to speed. Basically I am deducing this based on the strumming of the guitars.

Overall this is quite a nice recording. The movements are very dark and predominantly use minor chord progressions. There isn't much atmosphere, and the guitars featured are not extremely distorted, and there is very little hiss from the recording equipment. It provides a very clean sound for the listener, and is surprisingly easy on the ears, unlike some of the basement recordings that I will later review. AK is one of the better musicians in my opinion, because the clean production and minimal amount of instruments used force the artist to show at least a semblance of prowess regarding the guitars found on the album. This is definitely a record I recommend, especially to the new LLN listeners, because it is an easy transition into the harsh realities of the LLN underground.