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Amazing guitar based ambient - 92%

I_am_thy_abyss, February 7th, 2006

Aäkon Keëtreh is one of those "alternative" bands from the LLN, which haves a strong link of bands, such as Moëvöt or Vzaeuvbtre.
Those bands make this ambient based songs that are not suitable for every listener of music, or metal as well, they are very twisted and expresse in a extreme and suffered way the dark emotions of humanity.

Dans la Forêt its a guitar based ambient Demo, the only track that haves some keyboards (mixed with the slow and melancholic guitars that characterizes this first Aäkon Keëtreh demo) its the first one, that, in my opinion, its the best one from this Demo, very sad chords with simplistic and depressive keyboards.

The second track, on the beginning, haves some despair screams and chants as well, and that's the only part with voice in the entire Demo, which is kind of disturbing, the lack of a "human presence", and i think that this makes the general composition very interesting.

The rest of the demo its kind of equal, as if all the songs make one only track with some variations from the guitar use, but, in essence, its all pretty the "same track".

Its like we're making somekind of journey into the night, through woods of isolation, I think that thats the emotion that its supposed to be transmited to the listener, the guitars are very slow paced, some are more agressive and sharp, but, all of them, make us feel that we are surrounded with solitude, 'cause they are very pessimistic and obscure.

So, most people will consider this Demo pointless and borring, but, in my opinion, its one of the best and unique demos from all the underground scene derivated from BM.