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Journey into Despair and Inner Suffering - 100%

Foret_Noire, January 24th, 2005

Let me begin by saying that this is not a leisure release and is not a release that should be seeked by many individuals that may decide to read this review.

This is one of the many black legions releases that truely destroy the inside of the listener. Lord Aäkon Këëtrëh's first solo opus Dans La Forêt (French for "In the Forest") is one of the more well thought out releases. Apart from innovations and such from other black legion project goals, especially from black metal projects, Lord Aäkon Këëtrëh has put his entire soul into the creation of this release. You can feel the despair and depression that this release puts through you from the very depths of your soul. This release is one of the darkest and most honest recordings ever to be written.

Upon the very beginning you meet yourself into complete solitude and darkness that surrounds this release. The compositions are normally very primitive with two mixed guitar tracks that usually harmonize with eachother. The musical aspects aren't very complex, and usually is two or three phrases, but the emotion and power the harmonies of this release are unbelievably dark and bring the deepest emotions through to you in the most honest way imaginable. Words cannot describe the feeling alone on this recording.

Despite the very primitive aesthetics of this release, the depth of the feelings you will recieve from it go far beyond any other ambient release imaginable. Lord Aäkon Këëtrëh has poured himself into the very depths of sorrow to consume this master piece release from beginning to end with some of the most depressing hymns of darkness you will ever hear. There is one track on here with the use agonizing screams and utmost cries of pain and suffering that are later included on such future creations, most notably the "Journey Into the Depths of Night" demo tape.

This tape is one of the many from the black legions that literally take apart your soul and drive it to the very pits of inner sorrow and suffering with the honest solitude of this recording. As you sit in your room in complete darkness the effects of this release can be deeply scarred to a point where all happiness you ever had will be drained from you. This is one release that really takes you to the end of your existence and filled with some of the most powerful guitar based ambient that truely could destroy your soul.

As you listen to the despair and darkness through the spirit and depth of this release you will be taken deep inside your soul and pull it a step closer to the end as all feeling is drained from you upon listening. The phrases compiled in this release are those that will grab you by the very soul and take you a step closer to your own destruction and ruin. Anybody who is listening to this I would recommend to hear in complete silence and darkness. Feel through this recording and let it grab your soul and pull you closer to yourself. Stare into the infinity of the blackness that surrounds you and these are the hymns of your own inner decay and demise. As I continue to repeat, the depths of this release are too amazing for words and just reading this alone could never describe the depths that you can feel within this release.

I can truely say i've rarely before heard releases that are so honest with the true feelings and darkness that can be found within this release. This is 20 minutes of honest feeling and depression that can't be found with other releases. Upon hearing this release you will quickly realize the true feelings of inner suffering. The experience is not easily written in words and is best to be heard and experienced by the poisoned minds who reach out to grasp on to their own despair and suffering through this art. This truely is the most honest and deepest recording ever in the black metal and ambient genres and it alone can truely take you a step closer to the end with every listen as you latch on to your own sorrow as it is heard through this release...