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A chilling tale of sorrow and despair. - 100%

CorneliusTapas, September 10th, 2009

Being a self-proclaimed connoisseur of dark ambient, I decided to pinch myself a copy of Dans La Foret; the 2nd demo released by ambient genius Aakon Keetreh. The trouble today is that it's quite a chore to find true, moving dark ambient. The genre is plagued with 13-year-old teenagers piecing together odd sounds on Virtual DJ and emotionally depressed basement dwellers who have nothing to do than piece together some bullshit between their trolling of 4chan and fornication with a cactus. However, with this epic tale of misanthropy, depression and winter feelings, you can be assured you are absorbing the true sounds; exactly what dark ambient is supposed to sound like.

The album starts off with a sinister 4-chord progression, which quickly generates some powerful ambience. As the record goes on, more complex concepts are embraced, with more complicated notes and progressions being incorporated into the already-strong music. Another fantastic thing that Mr. Keetreh has done here is that he has used simpler sounds than he did in his previous demo, Journey into the Depths of Night. While this may sound like a setback, the simpler notes actually helped the ambience, because it helps generate the 'darker' and 'gloomier' atmosphere that this masterpiece is supposed to present.

Another thing I'd recommend you to do is not judge this on your first listen. The unique style that this record is in takes a lot of focus and patience to get a rewarding experience. It's like watching a movie; the second time you watch it, you noticed things that you missed during your first observation of it. Henceforth, your first listen to this album will not be your most rewarding one. Once you understand the dark feelings that Aakon Keetreh is displaying in this demo, you can really feel the ambience.

So why did I give this an 100? The answer is simple; there is nothing else like it. Never before have I seen such brilliance in such simple equipment and music. The fact that this beautiful ambience is generated from only a guitar and some faint vocals is absolutely astonishing and Keetreh deserves all the praise he can get from it.

If you have little or no experience with dark ambient, I highly recommend you check out some other artists before this, as this is much harder to get into. Try your luck with Aghast (Nor), Wongraven, Midnight Syndicate, or even Burzum's last two albums.

Once you believe your ready, prepare for the ultimate journey that is Dans La Foret.