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Aakon Keetreh, Dans la foret - 99%

Abysmal89, November 15th, 2011

Aäkon Këëtrëh is the name of a one-man project by Lord Aäkon Këëtrëh, eminent member of the french infamous, underground and cult scene known as " Les legions noires " ( LLN, The Black Legions ). LLN mainly performed an incredibly raw, harsh and classic form of black metal, and in Aäkon Këëtrëh we have a side project that breaks with this, at least in terms of instruments and composition, but keeping the "essence" of the genre.

Dans la foret is not the classic black metal album. It can be described as some form of dark ambient, mixed with black metal and with a slight influence of doom metal. The album is in general very minimalist, featuring a couple of guitars ( the main substance of the album ), some keyboard in certain tracks with a very vintage and eerie sound, and occasional vocals, chants that are very grim, but not related to black metal.

The core of this album is the guitar execution and composition. We have two guitars, usually one in a melody and the other into a solo, transmitting a very somber and dense atmosphere, The solo's tend to be melancholic, and in their highest moment, very dark and sad. One can really imagine oneself walking through a quiet forest at the dawn, with this album as the perfect soundtrack. The quality of the record is not specially bad, is vintage and helps to create the ambient. The songs differ in terms of structure, but in sound are very similar. Some tracks sound as a couple of riffs keeping steady through a couple of minutes, others, like my personal favorite "VIII", have some kind of intro and then get lost in an trance led by the solo.

In Dans la foret, we have a very interesting mix of genres. It's minimalist and creates a great atmosphere. The execution of each instrument is nearly perfect. Every element just fit in place to create one of the most notable albums of LLN. If you like the dark music, despite being or not raw, or if you like black metal with dark ambient, this album is a must listen. I just can't find a worthy flaw to mention here.