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Bloody Brilliant - 96%

moonlapse_vertigo99, July 29th, 2007

My friend introduced 8 Foot Sativa to me when I was 11 with this album, and it marked a landmark in my life: it was the first metal album I ever owned.

At the time, of course, I had never heard anything like it. There was no singing! The vocals range from a mid pitched growl to a high shriek, and are vastly improved from their previous album, Hate Made Me, as I later discovered. The lyrics are well written, and fit in well with the songs rhythm-wise, making them catchy and great fun to shout back at your speakers.

Onto the guitars: the solos are well phrased and not overly technical, and the riffs are just fucking classic! Catchy, melodic, inspired, and well worked together into "regular" length songs, they are the main part of 8 Foot Sativa's music. The bass (the first thing you hear on the record in fact) is solid as it should be, the drums are tight and feature impressive double bassing, and though the guitar tone isn't perfect, the sound on this album is just right for the type of music.

Standout songs include For Religions to Suffer, Destined to be Dead, Season for Assault and Chelsea Smile, the latter two of which I had the privilege of seeing them play live; they're real headbangers.

Over 3 years on and now a metal enthusiast (not surprising when this is the first metal album you hear is it?), I find it hard to categorize this album into a specific genre, but my best try would be Thrash/Melodic Death (not the Gothenburg kind!)

I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for something not overly different, but heavy, catchy, classic, and unique in its own way. 96/100 from me.