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Best damn 8 foot album ever. - 98%

Blazion, December 23rd, 2007

Ok.. where to start

originally to be released 8th may 2006.. but was in fact released 21st of may 2007. The wait had me a bit annoyed, but damn it was worth it.

the addition of William Cleverdon on guitars and Ben Read on vocals made this album that whole lot better.
from the last albums it's easy to tell that the riffs have had a lot more thought put into them and it's clear that Ben is a master lyricist.

The lyrics take the point of view of a vegan, and is indeed showing how mankind has poisoned the world and it's ways over time. Reading the lyrics, and understanding them made this album even better than what it was.

The drums (recorded and written by Steven Westerberg of Carnal Forge) were tight as fuck and straight up thrash metal, nothing over the top.

The guitar riffs were just unbelievable, the tone was killer and it showed that Gary and William (only about 20 at the time) are a force to reckon with. So technical and ever changing. nearly every song has a solo that isn't overdone and that fits perfectly.

Ok.. now let's break it down

1. Emancipate
Opens with the simplistic guitar playing chords, but Gary added some lead line over it so that as soon as you play it ripples through your head. The lyrics are brutal and straight up. and the first line shows the lyrical talent ('Bitter semen, rotten and putrid'). The best album opener I've heard for a while.

2. Thumbs, Eye Sockets, Love.
A death metal love song. who would've thought. this song is based on the one you love (stated by Ben) it includes a kick ass guitar solo and the riffs are fast and heavy. This one, for me, is a classic and one of my favourites. It also includes a break down with the lyrics ('so just remember, i'm marking the days on my calender, and d-day is almost here). Every time I hear it I get shivers down my spine.

3. We, the Termites
As soon as this song started the only thing i could think was damn. The song's heavy and fast and down right technical. The lyrics start off straight away in this song with ('Parasitic frenzy, sanguinary, our greatest legacy, a total fallacy') and Ben's vocals along with Gary's riffs just rip your face right off. The chorus is a great addition and sounds very very effective, as well as the parts afterwards. One of my favourites, great guitar solo.

4. Exuent
This song starts off with tremelo guitar and it kicks ass. The whole mood of the song is dark, and it shows that 8 Foot are professionals. This again features a solo and it sounds kick ass, a long with the riff that goes with it.
This is kick ass, but not one of my favourites. I wouldn't skip it on the cd though.

5. Crosses for Eyes
This song is hard to explain, it's great on so many levels and it features a very notable duel vocal (high and deep screams at the same time) as soon as the song kicks into 5th gear. Ben did a very great job on this album and his vocals are pulled off in sync perfectly with Gary and William. This is one of the 'you have to hear it' type of songs. Another song to feature a guitar solo. The riff afterwards is a favourite.

6. Pirates and Capitalists
My. God. this song has a striking resemblance to I Live My Death but is better in so many ways, although the song may take political lyrics that doesn't mean this doesn't kick ass. The riffs in this song fit the mood so god damn perfectly. with squeals at the right place and ben read doesn't hold back, he's right in there screaming his throat off. This song features my favourite ever 8 Foot Sativa riff (around 3:55). It also features some more of those duel vocals, which keep sounding effective every time. This song is one of those songs that you'll never forget.

7. The Great Western Cliff Hanger
This song sounds great and has rapid picking at the right places and it's not over used. The vocals are tight with the guitar and are effective and combat each other ('Diamond white, versus Charcoal black') I loved this song, it was fast and in your face. Another 8 Foot Sativa song to feature such a well fitted guitar solo. I don't know how they do it, but the solo always sounds so captivating.

8. For the Birds
What can I say about this song other than it's so god damn awesome. Written all by William Cleverdon who was 19 at the time. The vocals are the most effective to me. and the guitar riff is straight in there hinting at the influence of The Black Dahlia Murder. with the first two lines of the song it's easy to tell that this song is about being betrayed with the lines ('To close my eyes, reduce you to black. nothing more than an insignificant shadow amongst the vultures'). I had the pleasure of seeing this performed live for the first time ever. This song features another great guitar solo and each riff is unique and each one better than the last.

9. Napalm Existance
This is the best album closer i've heard. Period. it starts with a quick simple cymbal cresendo then straight into some slow guitar work. This is one of the slower 8 Foot pieces but it's still heavy and dark. The first lot of vocals ('This is my promise') which is later repeated in the actual verse. The song starts out slow and speeds up slightly. It features technical riffs that captured me straight away. I always say to myself the opening lyrics 'this is my promise to you, a broken omen silently' this song is just great. Gary really did a great job. You have to really listen for yourself. One of the only three songs that don't have a guitar solo. But you won't miss it.

This is a solid effort by 8 Foot Sativa and landmarks New Zealand on the metal map. I can't wait for the next album by the boys.

Keep it up.