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A step in the right direction for 8ft! - 89%

ChainsawGutsfuck, March 2nd, 2005

Alright. After the departure of Justin "Jackhammer" Niessen , I was a little sceptical about where 8 Foot Sativa were going, after the (in my opinion) fantastic "Season for Assault" (complete with seasoning puns and everything). I saw that they'd gotten in a new vocalist, Matt Sheppard, who is drummer Sam Sheppards brother. I was intreged. I went and scored a copy of "Breed the Pain", put it in my discman and it fuckin' blew me away. No longer will the pathetic posers in NZ go "8ft r leik, da kewlest", 'cause this album will surely make them shit themselves with terror. The vocals are fucking astounding, the guitar riffs are heavier, the bass is fucking gutteral and the drums are more earsplitting than ever. In saying that, they still keep their thrashy, "8 Foot" trademark, without going over the top death metal.

Perpetual Torment: Alright, this song is a slower, headbanging sorta song. Which is good. Riffs are complex, clear and heavy. Drums are played with pinpoint accuracy and the bass has got that full 8ft style about it. Fucking good song.

Breed The Pain: This is the title track from the album and it's a fucking killer. Starts off with some heavy "Cannibal Corpse-ish" style drumming, but mixing it with Sams own brand of accurate beats. Vocals, deep in some areas, overlapped, but for the main part, a screaming frenzy. Riffs are good, Bass is good, right near the end is where it gets it's real balls. Radical shit.

I Live My Death: This is personally my favorite song, 'cause i'm partially biased to an eerie intro, anyway. After we get through this nice intro, it barges in strong with a nice, high pitch riff and some good fucking kick drums. Again, vocals are nice and overlapped. Almost tricks you that they're going into a clear vocal thing for a moment, but then that's obliterated and the fury continues.

Mentally Castrated: Ok. Cool title, it's gotta be a cool song right?, Well. Yes...The riff at the start almost pierces your ears, but then the tempo slows down a little...AND THEN SPEEDS UP AGAIN. Deeper vocals this time. Very good song. Lyrics arn't 1/2 bad either.

Altar of Obscenity: Another catchy song title here. Very slow intro at the start. Don't know what that's about. Oh well. This song (after the intro) is fucking good. Headbanger material here. Same sorta style of music, although the vocals are slightly more hardcore punk. Some pretty anti-christian themed shit in here. Fuck Destiny Church!

Human Abattoir: Hahahahaah. Have these guys been listening to too much Carcass?. Whatever they've been listening to, it pays off on this song. Pretty samey. Pretty Good.

Brutal Revenge: Someone must've done something fucked, 'cause this is fucking brutal. Kicks off fucking awesomely. Has that hardcore vocal thing in there, which is good. Kinda reminds me of the Black Dahlia Murder in some aspects.

The Punishment Within: Probably the most samey track on this album. Kinda just like every other song. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Bang your head to this one. Especially in the fast blast beat area.

Genetic Treason: Last song on this album. Riffs are a little longer. Song is a little faster. Good finish to a good album.

Alright. So my reviews are shit, but what the hell. If you want some good fucking melodeath from the pride of NZ Metal, look no further than Breed the Pain.