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7 H.Target > Promotional Disc '17 > Reviews
7 H.Target - Promotional Disc '17

growing pains - 73%

RapeTheDead, June 16th, 2018

For a while there, it looked like 7H was releasing mindboggling slam at a remarkably fast pace, but things slowed down for a few years. While I only occasionally dabble in this kind of stuff and I’m the kind of person that needs it to be particularly weird and unusual to dig it, 7H is exactly that and I get a lot of mileage out of their first few albums simply due to how shitnard bonkers they are. They have a very stuttering, off-beat approach to the slam genre that easily bests their peers.

This new promo signals a couple of things: one, the band has been signed to Willowtip, and two, the band has gotten a new drummer. The former makes sense, as it was only a matter of time before someone caught on to 7H’s sorcery here in North America, but the latter has me a bit worried. Listening to these two songs confirms my fears to a certain extent. While the new guy certainly has the speed and intensity to keep up with the style, he lacks that extra bit of weirdness and the savage snare rape that made Fast-Slow Demolition and Psy Slam Damage so delicious. Sure, not all folks might dig the ping, but it helps them to stand out. That signature sound still shows up in these two tracks on occasion, but the new guy sounds…afraid to abuse it in the same way that Mikhail Panfilov did.

“Switch-Genderism” is a stock brutal death blastfest. The riffs are still nuts, everything goes by in a blur. It’s a song. The second track has a little bit more catch-and-release, but as the five minutes flow by, something’s missing. Maybe it’s just me not being used to the new drummer, because the riffs sound as good as they’ve ever been, but these songs lack the sense of adventure that I love 7H Target for. I don’t hear any berserk drum fills that go on for a bit too long and are full of pinging abuse. I don’t hear two second bass solos out of nowhere. All the little frills that make this band a treat just don’t really seem to be there, despite these songs having 90% of their good qualities still intact.

I can take a bit of solace in the fact that this was just a preview and they were probably just busting out a couple of tunes to get used to the new drummer. I can only imagine the Willowtip signing means that there’s more music coming down the pipe, which is good to know - I was worried this band had disappeared for a second. This is a mild disappointment, but whatever, it’s new 7H material.