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71TonMan > Earthwreck > Reviews > Edmund Sackbauer
71TonMan - Earthwreck

71TM - Earthwreck - 94%

Edmund Sackbauer, September 12th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2017, CD, Black Bow Records

Not only the name of this Polish Sludge/Doom/Death monster is unique but also the sound they have created on their second full-length album called “Earthwreck”. Following up on their 2013 self-titled debut release this is the first one with their new singer Daniel Jakub Kida who has done an impressive job - but more about this later.

“Fat, low and slow” is what the guys put on their page as their logo and I cannot think of a more precise description. The basis of the music is a viscous stream of very raw and filthy riffs accompanied by a stoic but absolutely crushing rhythm section. The guitars are thick and the main chords have a dark and very moody undertone which is underlined by the melancholic and hypnotic lead sections. The harmonies have a slightly depressive and bleak feeling but are really fascinating at the same time. After some consecutive spins the listener realizes that those riffs and subtle melodies had an impact he did not realize during the first listening session.

The main-tempo is one of a crawling zombie but there are some “speedier” parts ramping up the intensity. The song-writing is polished so that the single parts are always merged into fascinating songs and all tracks together form one piece of dark art. There is nothing really hooky or catchy on the surface but that does not mean that the music is overly complex. The instrumentation is on point and although the structure might sound a bit simple at first each song has small and very clever details making the music never sound too boring or samey which is always a risk when it comes to that kind of Metal.

The sound is heavy and distorted reminding more of some Swedish Death Metal bands like Entombed or Paganizer giving 71TM a more brutal sound compared to a lot of their peers. The guitar tone is especially sick with this buzz-sawing sound I appreciate so much. Otherwise the mix is clear and the overall sound shows a nice balance between punchiness and rawness.

Like mentioned above singer Daniel has a very strong and aggressive tone. His growling is top notch and thankfully the lyrics are perfectly understandable. Rounded off by amazing cover artwork “Earthwreck” is a great addition to my collection.