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This release is a Pink Floyd cover - a good one! - 82%

bimu, September 27th, 2006

Well, I'm quite surprised that neither this site nor the review below mentiones that this release is basically a variation on an early Pink Floyd's song "Set the Control for the Heart of the Sun".

The song in question is, one of the best Pink Floyd ever recorded, certainly one of the darker and moodier ones and a live favourite in their early days, and can be found on "The Saucerful of Secrets" or "Ummagumma" (live version). I mention this because 5ive manages to evoke the atmosphere of both these versions, very different from each other (the former is extremely sombre, quiet and unnerving, the latter being more aggressive, building to a ferocious climax in the middle).

The beginning of "Part I" sounds extremely similar to the studio version of "Set the Controls..." and this is a great plus as it is very difficult to genuinely replicate early Floyd's feel and atmosphere. Specifically, the guitar sound and the ambience of the track are the factors that make "The Hemophiliac Dream" seem very Floydish. Then the track meanders through quieter and louder sections, with very little vocal added (repeating the title phrase). The music is essentially an improvised variation on the only motive of the song and luckily it manages to remain coherent, though psychedelic at times, interestingly varied and dynamic. In general, it soudns like a post-rock (or post-metal) interpretation of the Floyd's song that retains the spirit of the original.

"Part II" begins with some (a little annoying) noisy meandering but further on becomes loud and dynamic and is quite interesting as well, if worse than "Part I". In general, "The Hemophiliac Dream" is dynamic in the louder parts and psychodelic in the quiter ones and remains true to Pink Floyd's original throughout.

Try this if you like either 5ive or early Pink Floyd, or just post-metal in general (Pelican, Cult of Luna, Jesu, etc.).

A Voyage Into Continuum - 90%

weedian, April 20th, 2005

Well here we have a good example of how a band should evolve. The first, self-titled, 5ive release was good, "Telestic Disfracture" was a definite step forward and was better. But this is the best performance of these very talented guys so far. The thick wall of sound that was being made in the first and somewhat in the second album has definitely been broken here, and has morphed into something much more interesting and complex.
When the first part was over I had a feeling that the song is long only maybe 10 minutes and not 22:56. It is very listenable and you feel like melodies, riffs and sounds are just passing through your mind deleting any sense of time. A creeping, quiet, droning intro first slowly changes into a simple guitar melody that soon becomes more complex but still very catchy and soothing. In the background we can hear the quiet drumming. Then after some time everything explodes into those familiar hard 5ive's riffs, which aren't as thick as on the first album, but are still very coherent and have a good dose of heaviness. This lasts for few minutes and then quiets down to a before mentioned soothing and calm melody. The melody again grows, becomes even more complex, the drumming gets harder, and again, transformes into the hard riffing that takes you up and through that spaceless and timeless void and then again quiets down and takes you to the end.
Now...the second part. As much as I respect James Plotkin and his work this could be better. This song is the reason why I didn't give 100% to this release. It's mostly just synthetic noise with few interesting parts but generally boring. Mr Plotking could've done better.
Anyway, if you like 5ive you will love 5ive's Continuum Research Project.