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Tunes From The End - 90%

GuntherTheUndying, May 17th, 2007

An apocalyptic theory once predicted all life on Earth would end when the calendars rolled over to May 5, 2000. This prophecy was obviously false, but the prediction actually inspired Travis Ryan of Cattle Decapitation and Nathan Berlinguette to name their droning ambient project 5/5/2000 before the date was reached. The duo wrote a series of tunes throughout the late 1990's until Ryan and Berlinguette forged a wonderful debut album in 1999. With apocalyptic imagery in play, Ryan and Berlinguette use their smart ideas to produce a creative gallery of gliding noise and mysterious atmosphere on 5/5/2000's debut, "Fin."

5/5/2000 takes an odd approach to achieve their strange sound by lavishly constituting samples and distortion with small doses of actual instruments. The brain of 5/5/2000's body is the paralyzing feedback attribute used in each song from start to finish. The use of low distortion is constantly applied in a very heavy and atmospheric way, but not without frequently changing its impact on the listener. Sometimes the feedback is dominating the music, but it can appear to be like a whisper at certain stages; it does shift at several periods, but the distortion remains present throughout this record at all times.

Berlinguette and Ryan also add a montage of cool samples that properly match the cryptic mood and apocalyptic ambiance of "Fin." Audio of pilots discussing weather reports, electronic drum beats, and an occasional dose of burdensome bass form the esoteric doldrums of 5/5/2000's mysterious atmosphere, but the winds are nice and aren't that chilly. Out of all the noisy trophies, "All Is Ruin" is probably the most musical tune here due to the clean guitar notes slithering through certain instrumental channels, but the rest of the track falls into a world of deep samples and crushing distortion. I know this song structure sounds a bit unstable, but it actually makes the album very enjoyable in several interesting phases.

I've heard many strange bands before, but 5/5/2000 takes the cake with "Fin." The unusual fusion of samples and distortion is an odd thing to hear, but it slowly gets better until the threshold of possible goodness is reached. This CD is mainly recommended to fans of ambiance or noise music, but anyone aiming for something new should definitely look into 5/5/2000's debut.