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Waiter! There's Weaksauce On My Album! - 70%

Slasher666, October 23rd, 2011

After I listened to 3IOB's album "Advance and Vanquish" I hungered for more, I needed more of the intensity, the raw power and the classic Lord of the Rings vibe. After searching for a while I finally found it: Here Waits Thy Doom! I was thrilled beyond belief, I was ready to get fucking pumped, and then the happy moment comes to an end right after the first two songs. It was like biting into a very stale piece of bread, bland and unpredictable. I'm not saying it was a complete disappointment, 3IOB fans, bear with me because there's more. I was completely stumped for a while: what happened to Jamie Hooper? Where was the old fashioned power? The intensity?

I later learned that the line-up had changed, Jamie Hooper was no longer the secondary vocalist and their bad ass drummer from "Vanquish" was gone as well, the bassist died and most of their band power was gone. It was the same band but a different style. After listening to "Battles and Brotherhood" (a cheesy, dungeons and dragons-like song) and "Rock in Hell", the next song came in: "Silent Killer", this wasn't that bad either, it had some juicy riffs in there, and I still had my hopes up. Then came "Fierce Defender", and then I was like: "okay, what is this?"

Think of it this way: 3 Inches of Blood is there, the skill is there but the intensity like you'd find on "Vanquish" had completely disappeared, as if it never existed on the album. In terms of distortion in power (I'm talking about the album sound as a whole here) it's very weak and flat, nothing exciting really, just an album you can listen to and go: "meh, whatever". Simply put, it's nothing special. Sure, Cam Pipes delivers the same old vocals and I must admit Justin Hagberg is an awesome guitarist as much as that other guy, Shane Clark. It's just not the same 3IOB I'd expected them to be, they seem to be deteriorating from their original sound into something else, something softer. The distortion is weak from the guitars, the drums...hell, it's weak on everything except Pipes' vocals and that's just about it.

I'll admit that this album is fun to listen to once in a while, "All Of Them Witches" seems to be the only powerful song on this album in its entirety and it's good for an occasional listen, but not for a full-on weekly mosh. If you want this album then go ahead, no one's stopping you, however if you want my recommendation then listen to their previous albums like "Vanquish" and "Blades", you'll find power there, that's a guarantee. This album is basically a cake that's meant to be perfect, but just as it's served it slips and hits the floor.