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Better than I thought it would be - 74%

linkavitch, December 7th, 2008

This band confuses me. They got 2 vocalists, and who both are pretty much mediocre at best. They got keyboards that sound like an organ. And it was produced by someone from Slipknot? And yet, they still managed to release a somewhat enjoyable album. Yes, very strange indeed.

3 Inches of Blood are just one of those weird bands that you would think would just totally suck. Even though there are many problems with them, I could still find some enjoyment in them. The first problem I had was the 2 vocalist, the harsh vocalist and the clean vocalist. The harsh vocalist sounds like your typical deathcore/metalcore vocals, and he can be annoying as hell sometimes. The second vocalist, or the clean vocalist, has an extremely high pitched voice. He sounds like a falsetto, so he can be a bit of an annoyance at times. The songs with more of the clean vocalist though are better than the harsh vocalist, like “Forest King”.

The keyboard play here is terrible in every way imaginable. It’s not so much as to the fact that they use a keyboard, but it sounds terrible. The keyboard play sounds like an organ, making it unbearable to listen to. It’s only in 2 songs, one being “Trial of Champions” and the other being the outro song. But it ruins the song “Trial of Champions” completely.

There is a lot of variation with the songs and with the riffs they use. They have a mixture off riffs from NWOBHM, some power styling, and even some Viking metal in the “Forest King”. It sounds like they were going for that 80’s metal vibe, with some influences like Judas Priest or Iron Maiden.

The lyrics are down right cheesy and stupid. They can bring more of an annoyance being so stupid rather seriousness. Take the song “Trial of Champions” for example:

When the thumb comes down
You know just what to do
Kill kill kill
It's your time do what must be done
Every day you fight, every day you win

Yes I know they are cheesy, but they make you laugh now don’t they.

So this is an album I though would suck but it turned out to be enjoyable for the time being. There’s a lot of creativity to the songs especially with some of the riffs. The drumming is also good, very fast, has some galloping to it, but its good. The vocals and lyrics is what will ruin it for you if anything. At least that’s what it did for me. But I still enjoyed it and it is worth listening to if you can find it.