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3 Inches of Blood cuts up the competition - 100%

Emoholocaust, November 19th, 2007

We should consider ourselves lucky to be hearing new music from 3 Inches of Blood. Weeks after their excellent Roadrunner debut "Advance & Vanquish" the entire band (except Pipes & Hooper) quit. But Pipes and Hooper carried on and found new members to fill every position in the band. We're very lucky for this because their new album "Fire Up The Blades" kills!!

All the trademarks we expect from 3 Inches of Blood are still there, fantasy lyrics, twin guitar harmony, vicious screams, and vocals that bring back Painkiller era Rob Halford.Any fear of Slipknot drummer Joey Jordision(producer of this album)bringing in a nu-metal influence can be put to rest, this album was made for old school metalheads, not the maggot nation. But this time around the band has let in some thrash and black metal influence to give the songs a more deadly edge!

Also the bands has up the anthem factor in almost every song. "The Goatriders Horde" and "Assassins of The Light" may surpass "Deadly Sinners" as the catchiest songs the band has written.Also check out the chanting section in the middle of "Night Murarders" and you can just picture a huge crowd with their fists in the air singing along. Quality's like that are missing in alot of todays metal bands but 3 inches purposely designs these anthems for the live setting.

In a day and age when most metal bands put out dark political albums its good to see some bands just still want to have fun. 3 Inches of Blood have once again succeeded at putting out an album that is not only fun to listen to but is full of musical talent and technical ability. Fans of old school Judas Priest, and Iron Maiden should check this out. Also check them out live too and watch in amazement as they pull it all off live!!