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3 Inches of Awesomeness - 95%

Zack2981, June 24th, 2005

Don’t get me wrong, the album (I say album since I don’t believe their first album was released in the US, but I may be wrong) wasn’t bad, but if was half as bad-ass as this three track CD is, then it would be in my CD player a lot more than it is. Somehow the production seems to be a lot better on this single for all tracks than the album. The opener title track Destroy the Orcs is so much better on here than the version on the Advance and Conquer album. Cam’s vocals are a lot cleaner and not as screechy. Also, the guitar is crystal clear and the break neck pace never lets up.

Second track, The Sun Rises Over the Fjords, is just a damn good track. The opening riff is actually why I bought this single. I love this song because Cam actually sings clean toward the end where a nice break down occurs. (Think early Dio). This song reminds me a lot of Blind Guardian back in the good old Nightfall days. I can just see myself riding through the icy tundras on my steed or whatever they rode on back then while I listen to it. Why it’s not on the album, I’ll never know. A great one to sing along to.

Third and last, but definitely not least is Conquerors of the Northern Hemisphere. Caps things off very nicely. The double harmony guitars make me long for some good old fashioned NWOBHM. Granted it sounds a lot like the previous track, but I really don’t care. They both rock as far as I’m concerned. Unfortunately, much too short…

…as is the whole CD. I know it’s a single, but I can put this thing on repeat and listen to it over and over. It really set the bar high in my expectations for the full-length album, which frankly wasn’t met in my opinion. In any case, this is a great CD to get pumped up to and just rock out with.