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Feast for the Damned, August 14th, 2019

Before reviewing their last full-length album I still have to review this tiny 2-song EP, so let's not waste any time. What we have here is the second EP (with a Single length) from the band. Luckily after the horrible Trial of Champions EP, they learned from their mistakes and made every track (all 2 of them) brand new. I would also like to mention that the title doesn't lie: both of these songs are made to be power metal anthems. Did they succeed? Let's find out.

Lords of Change is a mid-tempo song with a pretty basic riff. Nothing interesting until the chorus comes on, but when it does the boring riff turns into a somewhat more enjoyable one, the otherwise mild vocals (yes, I know it's heresy to say this about Cam Pipes) erupt in a melodic chorus which is actually really catchy with its anthemic approach. They also managed to fit in a solo that is actually pretty decent, but of course, being decent is not enough. One thing I also noticed is that there are absolutely no harsh vocals which is weird considering that's what makes the band stand out.

The second song on the record is a lot worse in my mind. It starts off with 50 seconds of a desperate attempt of sounding thrash, but after this, they try to compliment this thrash riff with the well-known vocals of Cam Pipes and I gotta say, it's horrible. His high pitched voice doesn't suit such instrumentation at all, but as soon as the chorus comes on, the song gets progressively better to the point where the guitar solo in the middle of the song actually sounds great. All that being said since the song starts out so weak the overall quality of it is ruined and even though it gets better during its 4 and a half minutes playtime, it doesn't get to the point where I can safely say that this is a song with 3 Inches of Blood quality.

Overall this is a lot better EP than Trial of Champions was in the way it only has new songs, but the only original song on the previous EP blows both songs on this one out of the water. It's really up to you to decide if you prefer quality over originality or it's the other way around for you.