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As cold as 13 Winters. - 90%

Akerthorpe, May 22nd, 2013

Combining elements from all over the metal spectrum, 13 Winters return with an album that is sure to please any fan of underground metal. "Dark Palace of Waterfalls" offers up some classic metal in its purest form by not setting any type of limits on what is presented here. They push said limits and the result is a near flawless performance. It's nice to see bands like this pushing the envelope to keep things interesting yet original and 13 Winters does just that. This is a band that stands out in a scene that is filled with copycats and godawful production. You can definitely tell from the very first track that you are in possession of a piece of underground history. The guitar work on this cd is quite good. Actually its better than good. Hell, even describing this work as great does not to what is presented here justice. Spectacular riffing and flawless solo work just pour from the speakers as each track smashes everything in its path. Dave Martin definitely know his instrument like the back of his hand and, in my opinion, he is one of the best guitarists in metal today. Not just underground metal, I'm talking metal period! He could definitely give any guitarist in music today a run for their money.

Mike Webb can be described as a superb drummer setting the tempo for every other aspect of the music presented here. If you listen real well you can pick up a progressive type vibe in his drumwork. This definitely works for the band as it adds a certain edge as it adds that certain punch to the overall feel of these tunes. Roy is just plain awesome on the keyboards and violin with the violin taking on an almost depressive feel in some parts. He could even hold his own with the likes of Martin Foul (of Cradle of Filth and My Dying Bride fame). The violin work here just weaves in and out of everything else going on in the music and adds a nice touch everywhere it is needed. The vocals of Diana Adams are fierce and unrelenting as she gives the best effort so far in the career of 13 Winters. The combination of both clean and harsh vocals really puts the band at the top of the Metal mountain. She really can't be compared with anyone because there is no one in the world of metal that has the vocal performance that she does. She definitely stands out every time she growls into the mic. Every growl and every clean vocal is where it should be. There is nothing out of place here. The vocals and music wrap around each other for a performance that should be garnered as one of the best in this genre.

One final note before closing. Thier cover of Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf" added a nice little twist to this release. Diana did an awesome job with the lyrics here and the music was right on point. I didn't know what to think at first but by the time the tune was over I was hooked. A great cover by a great band. If you enjoy blackened, thrashy, progressive type metal then definitely look into this release as well as their others. This is a band who is definitely true to form and will not disappoint. They know their metal and they deliver a pleasing performance every time. Get in contact with them and support the fuck out of these guys. They definitely deserve it.