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Hail the king symphonic black album! - 90%

Spawnhorde, February 11th, 2004

This is probably one of THE best symph-black albums ever manifested, along with Stormblast. From the minute I bought it, to the minute I d/led it just so I could listen to it anywhere, and even beyond then, this hasn't become stale.

Mechanic Hippie, Solipsism, and Acid Sex & Marble Teeth are the three standouts, although the entire album is pretty standout, in itself.

The album starts off with the strangely titled 'Mechanic Hippie', which is also most likely the best song. The symphonic nature of the album is very well done, and is showcased very well in all three songs mentioned above. Weird song titles abound, also. I Wish I Was Pregnant and Baby Blue Doll (Merry Go Mind) give the mind a taste of what to (un)expect in this very strange album. Most of the lyrics are drug-influenced, most likely, such as the lyrics to Acid Sex & Marble Teeth and The Black Vagabond And The Swan Of Two Heads. The liner notes and booklet also complement the overall oddness of the album by inserting a lot of random parenthesized comments (like "I know that I am I, if and only if I believe that I am I", and "I denied and killed him, not with scissors nor knives, but with the muscles of my inner torso"). I'm sure they mean something, and I'm sure the album has a lot to do with discovering yourself (considering all the I's used), but everything is very doped up and creepy.

As for musically, the album is very tight. The synth lace into everything nicely, and to say they "drench" the album would be an understatement. Guitars are pummeling and heavy, with hardly a riff in certain parts (but more of a wall of sound). Drums are VERY often blasting. Not just anything, either. These are fast and incredible blastbeats. It might sound unappealing, but when coupled with this "wall of sound" from the guitars, and the shrieks and cries of You (vokillist on the album), the album comes along very wonderfully. If you can find this packaged with the extra instrumental tracks (which I don't care much for) and The Dynamic Gallery Of Thoughts, and you don't buy it, you're a freak. I don't care what kind of music you like.