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“A powerfull display of brutality and beauty” - 93%

MORBIDMAN, August 15th, 2004

Being as I am not the biggest fan of black metal, I never thought to check these brilliant musicians out. Bad idea, Because all it took was one listen and I was astonished.

First, my compliments go to the power creating keyboardist Plasmarr. I was taken into a dream world by his beautiful and thought provoking playing styles. They combine in a layered fashion with the perfectly executed guitars, and there you have the aforementioned display of brutality and beauty. On the first song "Mechanic Hippie" the blasting double bass of Sami is the usual, but the layered guitars and keyboard puts you in another place for six minutes and twenty seconds of your life. But don’t worry "Mechanic Hippie" nor the entire album for that matter lack the heaviness all you traditional black metal legionnaires love.

Then now on to the vocals, Ahhhhhhhhhh, yes that occasional whine from Killstar the vocalist is a little bothersome to me, yet I can get past that thanks to the rest of the roaring blackened screams. I think that the best vox on the album are on track 2 "Aquarium Of Children", something about the blast beats and the melodies fighting back and forth while the voices are just reigning on the throne nonexistence makes me love every second of this song.Overall the album could'nt be much better, everything clicks. I love it and I give …and oceans the credit they deserve for changing my opinion on black metal. I recommend this album to metallers of every genre. Just buy the album.