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Fun but strange - 99%

grimdoom, June 15th, 2008

The curiously named ...And Oceans was one of the better kept secrets of the underground, combining Black, Death, Grind & Industrial into an incredibly cohesive and surprisingly well done avant-garde sound.

The production is pretty good but could have been better. The guitars are heavy, fast and abstract. There are no leads or solos present but the music is strange enough that it’s alright. The bass more or less does what the guitars do adding to the already insanely odd music.

The drums are perhaps the main metallic aspect as they stay truer to the standard style(s) mentioned above all the while keeping things interesting. The keyboards add the atmosphere and noise to the chaotic genius that is on display here.

The vocals are in the standard Modern Black Metal field with some semi spoken parts and vocal effects used here and there. The lyrics are the bands usual fare of weird poetry.

Over all, this album is best described as a happy darkness. It’s evil and sinister yet bouncy and fun. There is a lot going on here but this album isn't as layered as you would think. This is very original and worth checking out if you’re in the market for something really different.