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Makes Green Day look technical... - 43%

NightmareInc, February 3rd, 2006

Sadly, this is really one of the only electronic metal bands I've ever heard. I've been listening to And Ocean's albums since their second demo. This tells you two things:

One - I like ...And Oceans.

Two - I don't like electronic bands. (because ...And Oceans is the only one I've ever gotten into)

Really though, And Oceans is so much more than electronic metal. They combine so many elements of black metal, and melodic death metal. I was loving them so much until they decided to become so much less progressive. I heard someone call them "technical" once, and I just about punched them in the face.

The new And Oceans is not technical at all. It just repeats so fucking much that it almost makes my ears bleed. Not just the music, but the vocals especially. How many times does he repeat the main phrase of the song, twenty times? Then what, he repeats this whole thing three times in total? That's like 60 times of just saying completely random retardedness.

While some of the riffs are ridiculously catchy, this album is just not worth checking out. It has some great songs, and the other songs that aren't so great have their moments, but in short; this album doesn't deserve the recognition that it deserves. (Best song = track nine)

But that's just me. I like more progressive types, not simple repeat the riff with vocals, go into a different part, repeat the first part, a solo, then back to the first part stuff. Save that shit for the mainstream.

• If you've read the last paragraph and agreed, please read on.

• If you're extremely pissed off at me bitching about the new style of this band, stop reading. I'm about to continue.

The music is just so damn boring. Really, I can't stand how anyone could take such boring riffs and think they're cool, then take them the way most normal modern rock bands take them. In truth, if the vocals weren't harsh, and the guitars were a little less heavier, this would easily be modern rock...or worse, ALTERNATIVE.


So if you're looking for the older nice ...And Oceans, look somewhere else. That band is gone. A new era of this electronic-black metal band has come to be, and I shall rebel against such band until it forces said band to return to the opposite of said new style, damnit.

With all of this said, the album is actually not that bad. I have a habit for making things sound worse than they really are...but take my word for's not for you progressive fans.