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Smile, it's NOT falling apart - 90%

AzzMan, April 2nd, 2004

The vocals need help. Let me just say that, ok? You sounded good on the first and second albums, and pretty ok on Am God, but... not here. His semi-"Black" thing ain't workin out. The drumming feels right, and how the guitars fit, I don't know but they just kind of do. The keyboards don't really belong in metal in the way they were implemented, but when you all-out hear this album, they work.

The synths used in Chthonian Earth make it a song you could almost have sex while listening to, but in some songs like Fruits of Lunacy, they pretty much drown the music, but in a way that leaves the guitars. It creates a creepy but mellow feeling to it, compared to songs like And The Little Things, which are just pretty damn heavy compared to the rest of this, where the synths and industrial sound effects and all just modify it for a, once again, dark feeling.

The mentioned "dark" or "creepy" feeling drives alot of the music, and it remains like this- almost ravelike. True metal tracks are sparce, but it dosn't really matter because that wasn't really what this album was meant to be. Less heavy, you could almost compare this to... say an acoustic version of a song, or something. Not heavy, its another take on metal. But its less metal, more techno and metal combined.

No, this album dosn't NEARLY touch the masterpieces that were this bands first two, but its worthy to look into, especially if you're already into trance and rave, or whatever you would qualify these genres that were used to touch up the industrial show here. Otherwise its going to come off as very different- but always remember that different dosn't equal bad.