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Summer's Fading Fast - 91%

Arjunthebeast, December 7th, 2012

'Broken Path,' (released on March 26th) is the newest release from Sacramento's (waning). The EP offers four tracks that draw heavily from multiple genres, resulting in a mix that is similar to funeral doom and psych rock (maybe post-doom?). It is hard to go wrong with the doom method, which has created and produced one of the most thrilling types of metal. Comprised of a simple, slow pace combined with varied vocals and haunting keys, the three extended length tracks are welcome additions to the sullen and haunted world from whence the music comes from. And such grim messages are welcome to ears that are attuned to their bleak frequencies.

While the group exhibits traits of the shoegaze genre, the sound explorations are actually quite subdued and allow for the crunch of the guitars and rhythm section to take the lead. However, keyboardist/vocalist Susan Hunt displays an expanding set of textures and vocal techniques that bolster the spaces between the framework, and will play a key part in where the group decides to go next. Along with the myriad possibilities that are available to the group in the studio, the possibilities for the Sacramento four piece are staggering.

I recall hearing the band play 'Marching Down' at Blue Lamp last year without knowing what it was called, and was pleased to hear the studio version. The choice to use a distorted vocal from vocalist/guitarist Jim Willing perplexed me a bit, as his singing voice is quite good, so much so that it sticks out in my memory. As the vocals switch from masculine to feminine in the verses (with the constant being 'summer's fading fast'), one can't help but feel the urgency of the themes hitting home. And it is only appropriate that summer is indeed coming to an end, and the people of our region will leave the burning days of summer behind for another bleak Sacramento cold season. This is perfect soundtrack to this time of the year, and the marks that it leaves upon the cityscape. (waning) will no doubt become a fixture within that landscape.

Broken Path is available on the band's bandcamp at a name your price rate, and hard copies are available as well.

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