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Atmospheric Chinese Black Metal - 80%

Authority, June 7th, 2010

Yn Gizarm is a one-man band belonging to the small Chinese black metal scene, something I haven't spent too much time exploring. It doesn't seem like the east Asian countries get their due when it comes to black metal, which is a shame, at least in this case, because this demo is a solid work of atmospheric black metal.

After a short intro featuring some sort of Chinese folk instrument, the first song, Mountains, kicks in with some furious blasting and tremolo-picked riffs. At first, I thought that this would be the prevailing style, but there are plenty of mid-paced parts to break it up. There is an evocative folk section at the end of this track, but, unfortunately, there aren't any other sections like it during the rest of the release. It really brought the song to a nice close, and the other 2 tracks don't end as satisfactorily.

The vocals are you're typical shrieks, singing lyrics that I can't even begin to comprehend. The Metal Archives says they sing about Chinese mythology, which is very appropriate for this somewhat epic-sound release.

For a demo, the production is rather nice. The vocals don't overpower everything, occasionally dropping back to give greater prominence to the sometimes surprisingly intricate riffs. The bass, as usual in this style of music, is nowhere to be found. I can't tell if the drumming is real or a computer, but it does it's job. Some people might dislike the prominence of the keyboards, but I really enjoy the atmosphere they provide, and it makes the whole thing sound similar to In The Nightside Eclipse.

On the whole, other than the occasional Asian folk motif, there's nothing here to differentiate this release from the hoards of others out there. However, that's not necessarily a bad thing,and Yn Gizarm deliver a good addition to any black metal fan's collection.