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۞ > ۞II > Reviews > Putrid_Abomination
۞ - ۞II

Decent Raw Black Noise - 60%

Putrid_Abomination, February 19th, 2021

۞ or Rub el Hizb is a short-lived black metal project that released only two demos before its demise. Both demos were released in very limited quantities, which can be a common thing amongst smaller and potentially obscure black metal bands to a degree. Of course, that’s something that I’m not particularly fond of when it comes to metal, but I can see why such scarcity could make some releases appear more intriguing than truly are. Because of this, I have only been able to find one song off of ۞ while ۞II has been uploaded in its entirety online. At first, I did not know what to expect from this demo when first getting into it. If you were drawn in by the peculiar name or the simplicity of it like I was, then we were in the same boat. ۞II, released by ᛉdnirgal Productions (a label mainly deals with black metal and noise), proved to be a fitting release comprised of raw and unpolished black metal riffs for more than half its duration and six or so minutes of choatic, muffled noise at the end. This demo is worth a few listens from start to finish if you like your black metal lo-fi or if you’re looking for something to play in the background to pass the time.

Sounding like your average bedroom black metal band that loves the concept of necro sound, the first thing that stood out to me is how unusual the drums are, as they are very punchy and high pitched. I would describe them as a cheap knockoff of the Blue Man Group playing that pipe drum thing but with less tantalizing, seemingly tribal or even military-like rhythms. They could be programmed or recorded far away with shitty mics for all I know, it doesn’t matter. This is especially noticeable on the third track “VII” which I did enjoy the first few times, but it’s super repetitive and gets old quite fast. The riffs are quite stale/flaccid in character and the vocals are decent I believe. The last track “VIII” is essentially noise that has a sense of structure to it but the drumming on is almost inaudible and is obstructed by the abrasive, chaotic, and tense layer of black noise. There is this alarm-like effect at the beginning of it that startled me at first and now it cracks me up whenever I find myself relistening to it. The lyrics are poetic in structure and were perhaps the band’s strongpoint. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the lyrics to both demos and found them to have some character, depth, and emotion behind it. Sometimes poor-quality releases like this have more character than the over polished production found on albums by modern bands that are ever so abundant nowadays.

There will always be something about demos like this that makes them worth coming back to ever so often. Overall, I would describe this as a somewhat interesting demo that is on par with second wave black metal demos for the most part though it is lacking at times. It was worth checking out the first time but doesn't have much replay value to me. If you ever find a copy of this demo and you like it, I suggest you keep it. I don't see any possibilities of it being reissued but you never know.
Originally written: 02-28-2021
Revised: 08-11-2022