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Yet another masterpiece! - 100%

grp98, April 1st, 2017
Written based on this version: 2017, Digital, Militant Zone (Bandcamp)

When I first discovered their last album, entitled "The Black March Saga", I became an instant fan, and after going through their entire discography, M8l8th quickly became one of my favorite bands ever.

After releasing the amazing track that was "Storm Over Azov" last year, the Slavic Beast, as I like to call them, has returned with yet another magnificient song: "Luciferian Aesthetics of Herrschaft", an almost 5 minute long track that totally blew me away.

What makes this song stand out are, in my opinion, the transitions between it's different parts. It starts as a rather melancholic piece of music, with beautiful male clean vocals and an acoustic guitar, that then evolves into a relentless assault of black metal, faithful to the style set by their previous songs, yet fresh and innovative at the same time.

Musically speaking, the performance is top notch, all the instruments blend perfectly and complement both the clean vocals and Alexey's unique howls perfectly. One thing that I have always loved about M8l8th, and that applies to this song as well, is how audible the bass is, especially during the transitions between the different parts of this song. The drumming is fast, intricate and always spot on. As for the guitar riffs, the mainly consist of traditional, icy black metal riffs, that together with the aforementioned howls, create a very desolate yet glorious atmosphere. The song ends with a very melodic guitar lead, complemented by some truly epic chants.

Another thing worth mentioning about this single, that has happened to me with a good amount of their songs, is that the more times I listen to it, the more I dig it. This is probably due to the fact that the instrumentation is so tight and diverse, that with each listen I discover something new that I hadn't quite managed to appreciate previously.

Together with the release of this single, they have announced that a new album will be dropped later this year, so I think we have an AOTY contender...