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Another highly overlooked speed metal classic - 82%

UltraBoris, August 8th, 2002

This is Master's debut album - it's not as thrashy as some of their subsequent releases, but is quite a memorable speed metal album. Master was formed by a few members of Aria (Alex Granovskiy and others that I forget right now) who wanted to play heavier and faster. It's quite apparent that they listened to Defenders of the Faith, Walls of Jericho, and Kruiz I - those 3 are highly apparent influences here.

There are a few songs here that are kinda throwaways, that prevent this album from being a total masterpiece. "Night Again" is 5 minutes of spooky horror music, that kinda gets old after 2 minutes. "Save Me" is pretty repetitive. Yep, the two slowest songs. Speed metal bands should stick to playing speed metal, because the remaining 7 songs are very cool.

There are two Aria covers here: Will and Mind, and Shield and Sword. Both are done heavier and faster. Stand Up Vanquish Fear is close enough to Jawbreaker in the verses that one can sing along with the lyrics half the time, but is nonetheless very nice. The highlight o the album is probably the title track "Master", with a nice thrash break in the middle.

Overall, a pretty strong album - a bit of filler but generally quite enjoyable.