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Nazi Punks Turn Industrial - 44%

UltraBoris, December 12th, 2002

So this isn't a BAD album... just really mediocre. It's just not thrashy - all the riff work has been replaced by random distortion. It's kinda catchy at times, and if you like punk, you'd probably like this, but in general, it is pretty bad considering the existence of bash-your-fucking-face-in songs like SPID and Thrash Around Kremlin.

There's one really great song, and that is "Ritual of Washing Corpses" (well, it's really Burning Corpses but thanks to a nice fuckup of an online translator, it's stuck the wrong way in my head forever)... what a fucking banger.

As for the rest... you may want to enjoy singing along to stuff like "Nicht Kapitulerien" or "Digital Exciter", but in general the songs just lack great riff variety. Things start off promising with "Punk Not Dead", which is probably the second-best song on here, though it still suffers from an incoherent sense of business.

So in conclusion, what we have is lots of random echoes and repeated vocals and distortion, and while there are some really fucking great riffs, they tend to get buried in the mix. But they are far between, and the songwriting lacks continuity. You'll headbang for like four minutes, and then two minutes more, but usually only under inertia - the riff is gone, replaced by some dude speaking through a megaphone, or some annoying grindey moments, and then there's all this other stuff and... incoherent, folks. Just plain incoherent.

That said... that middle break in Washing Corpses. Fuck yeah. Total Overkill.