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GO HOME!! TO GRAVE!!! - 53%

UltraBoris, August 21st, 2002

This is at times a pretty nice thrash album, while at other times it descends completely into self-parody.

"Sadism" is the intro track. It's really overfast, and sounds much like the grindcore style that Korrozia Metalla will pick up in later years. Think "Hang the Pope" meets Marduk, really.

Then, we have "Thrash Around Kremlin"! Man, this song is fucking hilarious. "Go home, to grave!" "Suck my shit!" The lyrics are just great. An English dictionary: 12 roubles. Recording equipment: 546 roubles. Not knowing what the fuck you're REALLY saying: priceless!!

"Come to Sabbath" is also pretty decent, as is "Contract with the Devil", but neither really stand out like the previous song. "Kill to Sunarefa" (sic) is very nice, very fucking thrashy, with the chorus similar to something Festering Sore would do.

"Night at the Opera" - what can I say. This song is so fucking hilarious - it's a bunch of drunken guys yelling and screaming and growling over random classical instruments .... oh man, Blind Guardian should seriously look into this.

"Dead Rasputin", "Kiss of Devil", "Bloody Mary". Decent songs, but really about two thrash riffs per song, all of them kinda similar. Not spectacular. "Jack the Ripper", "Black Wood Child", "Washing of Corpses"... more kinda average stuff.

There are some decent riffs here, but they are scattered amidst some really really forgettable riffs. The unintentional comedy rating of this album gives it a few points here and there, but in general it's not all that great.