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Sharp Soviet Thrash with occult topics - 80%

kluseba, July 28th, 2011

"Korrozia Metalla" delivers an energizing piece of fast Thrash Metal on this first record. The band uses sharp and speedy riffs, a couple of great solos and short but effective and catchy choruses. Songs like the fast paced and very aggressive "Motorocker" are clearly inspired by Bay Area Thrash bands such as early "Metallica" or also early "Overkill" but lyrically, the band goes into a darker and more occult direction that would rather fit to "Venom". They also talk about social problems of the time in a few songs, like the first two and addicting tracks. Songs like the energizing "Black Terror" are pitiless head banger tracks that should please to any genre fan and that would have gathered further attention and very good critics if they would have been released by an American band. But they also prove that they can vary with the slower and more rhythm orientated song "Phantom" or "Viking and a sword in storm" that has some slight epic touches with a great introduction and a powerful chorus and convinces with a dominating bass guitar line.

With the track "The seventh gate to hell", the band also delivers a weird experiment with noisy sound samples and a dark dystopian vibe that has no clear lyrics and is a pure piece ambient of ambient music. This track as well as the live song "Lucifer" don't really fit to the rest of the album and rate this record a little bit down for me as if the band decided to use the full space of the record as a last minute decision and put some improvised bonus tracks on it. The other seven tracks all sound very coherent and fluid but are not too repetitive and similar and all have a comparable but slightly different approach. Even though the American influences are evident, the band already develops a rather unique sound on their first record. The Russian lyrics, the unusual topics and especially the sharp vocals make this band the hardest and most rebellious one that existed at that time in the Soviet Union.

In the end, anybody that likes sharp and pitiless Thrash Metal music with some occult touches and exotic Russian lyrics should check this very solid release out and might have a positive surprise as this album takes no prisoners.