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The end of classic Korrozia - 57%

Necrosadistic, May 20th, 2004

This EP was the beginning of the end for Korrozia Metalla as a great band.

Korrozia suddenly began to play a strange hybrid of punk and metalized rock'n'roll, coupled with incredibly stupid lyrics and talentless music.

One of the main reasons for this was probably the departure of Kostyl and Yasher on drums and guitar, and the end of the band's classic lineup.

The songs are totally nondescript, even though they are relatively catchy. The EP is filled out with some songs from previous albums, to add a supposed "value for money" This is a practie that Korrozia began to adopt more and more, as their popularity decreased, in a cynical attempt to squeeze out money from their increasingly teenage audience.

The classic legacy of Korrozia Metalla was totally destroyed by releases such as this.