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Кипелов > Звёзды и кресты > Reviews > dantheman120
Кипелов - Звёзды и кресты

Amazing melodic heavy metal - 97%

dantheman120, February 11th, 2024

I noticed that this is the only album from Kipelov that did not have a review so I figured I'd write one for it since he is my favorite vocalist and this band is one of my favorites. With that all aside let's take a look at why I think this album is so good.

What you will find here is standard melodic heavy metal, you have your fast rockers, some slower more hard rock-influenced groovy tracks and of course a ballad or two. There are several highlights here but the main one is without a doubt Valery Kipelov's vocals, whether it's the badass delivery on more of the heavier songs such as "Рожденный летать", the catchy melodic singing in "Белый ад", or the heartfelt emotional singing shown on "Косово поле", you can count on him to deliver quality vocals. The instrumentals here are also high quality, the guitar work especially is top notch, killer riffs, awesome melodic solos and just a killer tone. The rhythm section is tight as hell here too, the bass has several moments where it gets to shine, and the drums while being the least technical aspect here are perfect for what the song needs and gives the album power and groove, look at "Выше" for an example of this. The choruses on here are ear warmers, the title track, "Белый ад", and "Косово поле" are all choruses that will not get out of your head. The production is also a big reason why this album is so good, everything is clearly audible, including the bass, and it sounds heavy and modern without being overproduced, compressed or too loud, which is something a lot of modern metal albums struggle with. The lyrics here are also very poetic and thought provoking, this is due to the fact that they have an actual poet writing them, Margarita Pushkina, a very important figure in the Aria/Kipelov/Master family and the entire Russian heavy metal scene. I suggest anyone who doesn't speak Russian to look up translations for these lyrics.

There's two reasons I didn't give this album a 100 percent rating. The first being that they included an instrumental version of one the weaker (while still enjoyable) songs on the album, "Ледяной дождь", as the last track. The main reason this song is good is the vocals, and without them the verses and choruses feel bland making this a weird closer. The other reason is the song "Темная башня" has guitarist Vyacheslav Molchanov being the only vocalist on it, he has an awesome metal voice, but I think this song could've been the highlight of the record if they had him and Valery both sing on it, whether it be at the same time or trading vocal lines, oh well, what could've been I guess. These two flaws don't take away from the record a whole lot but they must be mentioned when discussing the overall product.

Overall this is a high quality heavy metal album that fits right in with their first two full lengths and other releases they've done and has all the features that fans of bands such as Judas Priest, Saxon, and Accept would enjoy. I encourage all fans of true authentic heavy metal to check out this album and the band as a whole.