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Zavod's second attack! - 88%

Winterblut, May 17th, 2014

This release is considered Zavod's 7th, the second full-length after their debut "Yahna (Ягна)". Shockingly, such quality - and I'd almost say an unprecedented work that we rarely hear nowadays - is coming out of this growing project that I didn't even notice an eye on.

According to what I've heard, "Крізь коло і п'ять кутів" is the band's best touch so far, from the way of performance, the recording and quality of production, from the way they mixed the instruments and the idea behind it, which it was the result of the success of this masterpiece so far. I am not a big fun of punk/black metal but this band worth placing the sight them, yet you gotta keep in mind that this isn't another Lifelover's blackened/depressive rock, their touch is unique and it's performed according to their own imagination of creating such noir sub-genre of metal. However, before getting in details about the work itself you have to place in mind that this release totally worths giving the try for and placing it in the priority of your list.

The music we've got here is bounded between rock and punk but with a lot of influences tinged to give the band a special taste. The vocals are louder than the music here, it is as it was before with the same rawness and the same grimness, you wouldn't understand a word since the text is in Ukrainian language but still, you'd feel the message he's delivering through these harmonies. The guitar parts are absolutely beautiful and melancholic in the same way, the solos can be counted on your right hand fingers but you'll get fed up with the tremolos here, they are very sorrowful and light in parts. The rhythms here are recorded flawlessly and fits the roles of other instruments, they are along with the tremolos recorded either slow or ultra fast.

Heading to the drums is a very meaningless thing since it was done by Nikolay Sostin (Ex-Drudkh/Astrofaes, Underdark, etc...), I myself enjoyed his work in the mentioned band before and got amazed with his work in Zavod, all I can say that this guy knows exactly what he's doing, so to speak. The bassist is an assistant to this raw work, it could have went mute if there was a gleam of atmosphere/ambiance or other effects in the background, but frankly there isn't here but clearly recorded instruments and vocals.

The way they formed these 38 minutes must have been hard, making a completely different ideas and strange work does take a lot of pressure and long time. "Through the Circle and Five Angels" is a successful work for musicians who are looking forward for a future after the past five years of struggle in a country that doesn't support this type of music the way that other countries does. Participating in getting your copy of this release is a kind support to give to those young souls, for the sake of creating more creativity we're missing in our lifetime nowadays.

Highlights: В будинку зоряних вітрів, Білі вогні Хаунебу, Сповна нажерся вже я іменем твоїм, Свято Вогню.