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Endless Winters - 81%

TheStormIRide, June 16th, 2018

One of the oldest cities in Siberia, Tomsk is home to long and harsh winters, so it's only fitting that the local black/crust trio would name themselves Бесконечная зима (or in English, Neverending Winter). The band has been steadily releasing quality material since their 2010 formation, with the 2018 EP Сеногной being the most recent.

Though the EP is quite short, even by crust punk standards, a paltry fourteen minutes in length, the band packs in an expansive sound that pays homage to their harsh and unyielding surroundings. Things kick off with cold, whistling wind before easing into a tom heavy drum intro with some melancholic, melodic guitar notes. This slowly swells until it crescendos into a swath of blasts and rampant, swirling tremolo riffing; representative of the beautiful, yet harsh conditions of the region. It also makes one hell of an introduction for the following two tracks. “Frost Leash” offers a crunchy, swaggering mixture of ragged black metal and filthy crust, with it muscled stomp in middle and vicious snarled growls, while “Сеногной (Senognoy)” delivers sweltering blackened riffing delivered in a mid-tempo fashion with some constantly shifting percussion; coming across highly influenced by atmospheric black metal. What helps “Сеногной (Senognoy)” stand out as the EP's highlight is the band's grasp of melody that is woven throughout the track, which eventually trails off into ethnic instrumentation and ultimately fades away.

After two solid full length albums, Сеногной delivers a short burst of energetic black metal with a spattering of crust and atmospheric overtones. Paying homage to the harsh climate and rugged landscapes of their homeland, Бесконечная зима brings a three track scorcher that fans of Ramlord, Nux Vomica, and Dead to a Dying World should enjoy. It's caustic and chaotic, yet cold, melancholic melodies are woven throughout making this a release not to miss.