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Best thrash ever from Russia? - 89%

morbert, June 9th, 2010

Let's cut to the chase. What are the arguments for Aspid being quite a forgotten name outside the thrash incrowd? Two things really. They're from Russia and secondly their 'Extravasation' album came out about 3 to 4 years to late to leave an everlasting imprint at that moment in time. The scene was already evolving into the second wave of black and death metal just got another techoboost from Death's Human album. So who was still interested in technothrash in '92? Only the real fanatics and die-hards.

Had the group come from Germany and therefor more promotion worldwide, they might actually have gotten more fame. Because it's not because of their music, which is remarkably high standard, musically, compositionally and productionally for early nineties Russian standards.

If one listens to 'Comatose State', which in my opinion would have been the best choice as an opener, one can hear this bands really loves their Sodom and Destruction but throws in more technicality, rhythmically. Same could be said about the amazing thrasher 'Towards One Goal' which really explodes into quality full speed thrash after a minute of building up. Aspid are musically very impressive on the 7 minute titletrack which has Destruction-meats-Coroner written all over it.

Musically Aspid borrow heavily from the German scene with hints of Brazilian proto-deaththrash thrown in. And if the technical breaks and such are just too much for some straight forward thinking thrashers, the band find time to break your necks once more with the ultra speed monster 'Where the Night' which at times combines technothrash with almost grindcorish blasts without becoming a racket nor actual grind.

This aggressive yet well performed technothrash gets more character because it is sung in Russian, giving it its own specific charm. I will hold the album dearly. A true forgotten gem.

Highlights: 'Comatose State', 'Towards One Goal' , 'Where the Night'