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Simply Superb - 95%

Svartekrist, September 30th, 2011

Russia is the home of many bands, one of these bands is, or was, the short lived Aspid or Аспид in Russian. They released a single album during their time, Extravasation or in Russian, Krovoizliyaniye. It sadly missed the mark, and did not receive much attention until the internet was truly harnessed and became a more resourceful tool. So now, over twenty years after initial release, what does it sound like? One of the most awesome bands from Russia. Lets start with the instrumentation.

First of all are the vocals, like with many thrash metal bands, sounds like a ten year old angry kid hoped up on steroids. These are both fun and energetic, with a good dose of conviction to them.
As for the bass guitar, there are few bands, of any genre really, that have such an audible bass guitar. It plays fast and frantic and is all over the place with its crazy finger picking technique. It is highly enjoyable listening to it. Then comes the guitar, it plays a lot of dynamic riffs with the occasional shift in tempo. And like with the bass guitar, it is fast, and it throws out some really awesome riffs and leads. Finally are the drums, these are catchy, fast, dynamic and use a lot of rhythm to drive the music forwards. Sometimes, they simply pound away before dropping into rhythmic assaults. Once again, highly enjoyable.

As for the production and and mixing, there is nothing to complain about here. Both may be outdated, but both fit the music perfectly. Everything is audible, and the music is overall clear, yet have a little raw grit to it that is not too overpowering. And now the songwriting. All of the songs are in general well structured and written. Naturally, there are sections here and there that are a little lackluster compared to the majority of the album. But these lackluster parts are easily drowned and forgotten by the more great sections on this album. As for the musicianship, the guys of Aspid is in tune and synch with each other and it is clearly heard.

All in all, there is nothing truly bad or horrendous going on here. Some quirks, naturally, but aside from those miniscule things, nothing at all to complain about, purely technically. Personal taste may of course create any problems. But the bottom line is, if you want good thrash metal, Aspid is what you need. If you want check if thrash metal is your thing, Aspid is definitely a good band to start with.

Stand-out tracks: The entire album.