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Too much of a routine job - 72%

kluseba, December 29th, 2010

This last album with Kipelov on the vocals shows us that Aria still play powerful traditional heavy metal in the new millenium. The kicking and vibrating bass lines, the melodic guitar solos and the powerful and convincing vocals are easily adorable and addicting.

The most convincing songs on this record are the mighty opener and title track "Chimera" with its melodic guitar leads and brilliant chorus. Another highlight is without any doubt the dark ballad "The calm" that has also been performed with "Udo Dirkschneider" and covered by "Rammstein" and this fact already shows us the talent of this track. The other ballad "Shard of ice" has a very warm and calm atmosphere and invites us to dream and relax which is not a thing that is eventually typical for a traditional heavy metal band. kipelov does an amazing job on the vocals on this track that is growing after a first few tries only.

To keep the whole thing a little bit surprising the band added some modern and electronical elements to songs like "Heaven will find you" or "Burning arrow" that are surprisingly well integrated in the traditional overall sound and that should not even bother the truest metal purists.

The only but big problem of the album is that most of the songs offer nothing new and are not as addicting as the promising single"Chimera" and "The calm". The epic "You will be given a sign" is quite long but offers us nothing outstanding or memorable. This is the problem of most of the songs. They sound nice and inoffensive but they are not convincing enough and I think that it was a good thing that the band parted ways and tried something new after this record before the whole thing would have become too much of a routine work as the follow up has been an amazing and unexpected return in force.

Nevertheless, I would recommend this album to any traditional heavy metal fan that wants to listen to something traditional and at the same time exotical.