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Chthonic – Seediq Bale 2007 - 80%

inaholereviews, November 9th, 2007

Chthonic – Seediq Bale 2007
Perhaps the most interesting band I've came across, released earlier last year, Chthonic's – seediq Bale has only became available in the UK recently. Currently banned in parts of China for they're radical views, this Taiwanese Black/Death Metal band really demand your attention. Using traditional Chinese musical elements and instruments, with lyrics concerning old myths and Taiwanese legends, this band bring along a very unique sound and experience.

Beginnings of this album, initially brings an unexpected Epic feel, courtesy of superb keyboard patterns, combined with excellent operatic female vocals. But this flavour is short lived as the tones change to a lower and darker eerie sound is created. This eerie sound persists throughout this album, with its heaviness due to very impressive use of double bass drumming and heavy but melodic guitaring. With almost instantly enjoyable tremolo picking, only adds to the eeriness, and gives each track very catchy riffs. Vocal patterns are of an impressive range from low growls to a high screaming vocals, backed by brilliantly and beautiful female vocals.

The overall sound of this album is impressive and hugely enjoyable, ceaselessly heavy with fast palm muted guitar riffs, and with a complex sound, this album is very varied and unique in its style, making this album a rare must have for any death/black metal enthusiast.

Best Tracks: Bloody Gaya Fulfilled, The Gods weep, Quasi Putrefaction