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Surprisingly innovating! - 88%

kluseba, December 29th, 2010

I don't often listen to singles or buy them but this new output of the Russian metal legend aria is really worth the time and the price to be listened to.

The first and title track "Battlefield" seems to represnt the battlefield after the combats with a very calm and dreamy tone. The song opens with epic acoustic guitars and amjestic introduction. Bass, acoustic guitars and the charming voice of Berkut dominate the slow paced song. Some decent violins support the very smooth and harmonic chorus. This song is quite surprisingly calm and something completely new for Aria. The whole experiment somehow reminds me of the epicness of Iron Maiden's "Journeyman" and I like the song as much as the British track.

"On the wings of the wind" begins in a very mystical way and fits to its title with wind and wuthering sounds and some dreamy guitar parts before the song suddenly accelerates with roaring guitars and jam like breaks. Then comes a gallopping and bass orientated rhythm with melodic guitars that leads through a very well developped and surprising instrumental track.

The closing "Pout-Pourri" is a live track from 2005 that mixes several classics. This medley of the band's greatest successes going mostly from the most recent ones to the older ones. It begins with "Heaven will find you" from the Chimera record, goes on with "Angel dust" from the album Night is shorter than day, introduces then the title track of "Blood for blood", before spinning forward to "Deception" of the Generator of evil album before the song closes with the legendary classic "Ballad about ancient Russian warrior" from the Hero of asfalt masterpiece. Overall, the five different parts spanning over two decades of great Russian metal music are well connected and are a nice gimmick for the fans and those who want to get an adequate introduction to Aria. The whole song is composed by great tracks and has a good live atmosphere as well and especially in the beginning and the end.

It is especially because of the third song that I would recommend this album to the more recent fans of the band or those ones that are looking for an interesting introduction to their music. The other two songs are surprisingly innovating with a soft acoustic ballad and a tight instrumental and I am now longing for more new stuff from the band that should put out a new album quite soon. I highly recommend this single.