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One kick-ass single! - 92%

cronosmantas, April 25th, 2005

I have always really liked the band Aria but I've never really got into the band because I can't speak or read Russian. Since I don't know Russian, I can't really get into the lyrics, but musically I love the band.

The single Colosseum was the first release with the then new line-up and was the pre-release single to the forthcoming album Christening by Fire. I almost didn't get this single at first, but since I was ordering a bunch of Aria CD's from a Russian merchant all at once, I decided what the hell. Wow, am I ever glad I did!

The first track is title track of the single, and probably the best song on the album Christening by Fire. Just a monster piece of classic heavy metal. Epic, and huge. The second track is an orchestral version of the song Antichrist. Some fans will love it, but I wasn't blown away by it. I actually usually skip over this track after listening to the opener to get to the next real gem.

The real gem of this release is the song Deception, a song that is only available on this single. A lot of times singles have special songs that are only avaiable there but the songs are usually passable. Not Deception. This is a monster of track. Starts off slow and but it then kicks off with a hellacious riff and it pulses all the way to the end. I don't speak Russian but I find myself singing the chorus (or at least trying, no doubt making a fool out of myself). I can't believe they didn't put this song on the album!

If you like Aria, you must own this single! The song Deception is a must!

Yes!! New incarnation of Aria exceeds expectations - 85%

PowerMetalGlory, May 21st, 2003

This is just a single, but I consider it a good indicator of the quality of the upcoming new release. After the band split into two camps, I was almost certain that Aria would be no more. Considering their previous release - Chimera, to be quite dull and definitely the worst release of their career, I was somewhat glad albeit saddened. Based on the rumors, I was expecting the Holstinin and Dubinin camp to continue with the sound on Chimera and was very skeptical of any vocalist that would attempt to replace Kipelov. I had a little more hope for the Kipelov/Terentev/Maniakin side project.

I was quite taken aback when the news about the reformation of Aria under the same name, without the three essential members spread like wildfire. So here's the rundown. The new single rules in every way possible. Sure, the new singer - Berkut (ex. Autograph) is no Kipelov, but he can definitely hold his own and seems to fit the band quite well. Collisei (Colosseum) is absolutely classic song in a classic Aria sense and makes me pant heavily like Oprah on a treadmill.

The song has a more modern approach when compared to Blood for Blood and the like, but the riffs and melodies are outstanding. The chorus rules as well. After hearing this song, I am not sure who was responsible for the almost worthless Chimera and I can't help thinking that the split might have actually been beneficial for the band and the fans.

The other two songs on the single are well known to Aria fans and the orchestral version of Antichrist is amazing. Aria is a band that knows quite well how to mix orchestra and metal.

Overall, this Aria fan is quite content and eagerly awaits for the new Aria album with renewed enthusiasm.

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